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Miriam is a feisty, passionate Irish writer of fiction and creative writing with a fun sense of humour. An engaging storyteller with a powerful message.

She is a survivor with a warm personality that reaches out, shares and draws people in.

She is fun, motivational and her passion is infectious.

I write and speak from the heart – I touch people in a way they resonate with.

Join her as this adventure and journey continues…

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“The Conversation” Thursday Sept 21st 6.20pm.

September 4, 2017

My Brand Director Chris Pollard will join me for another interactive and topical conversation with Dom. No doubt we will talk about the summer -‘Where has that gone’?  I have been in my cave – ‘Where has that gone’?will be sharing a few updates on my new novel We discussed.....

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A Short Short Story – Fred and Fiona – Gone Down Under

September 11, 2017

Audio Version – Click Read More.     Fiona dragged her weary body out of bed. She stepped into her beige tracksuit while Fred continued to snore like a diesel engine, as he had done for the last thirty years of their marriage. She made her way downstairs to pull.....

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