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Part 2 – ‘Happily Ever After and What Happened after that’ By Jenny Milchman

November 28, 2016

‘Happily Ever After and What Happened after that.’ Part 2 (@ITWDebutAuthors @thrillerwriters @jennymilchman) But now it was 2011, and I was going to be a published author and live happily ever after…….. There’s a picture book I’ve read a hundred times to my children—who luckily came along while I was.....

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In This Season of Thanksgiving – The Ceremonial delivery of a Fresh Honeycomb…..

November 25, 2016

In this season of thanksgiving, straight from the hive, thanks to the expertise of our village beekeepers, our neighbour delivered pure raw honey on the honeycomb today. She proceeded to cut it off the honeycomb as you would slice big chunks of cake (who needs cake?). You cannot get much.....

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‘Happily Ever After & What Happened After That’ by Jenny Milchman – Part 1

November 21, 2016

Guest Blog Post:- I am delighted to introduce Jenny Milchman (@jennymilchman) Award Winning Thriller Writer- Title Blog Post Part 1 (@ITWDebutAuthors @thrillerwriters ) ‘Happily Ever After & What Happened After That’ Have you ever wanted something so badly that it cut a river inside you? Made you ache and howl?.....

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Thrilled to Announce- Over the next two weeks – My Guest Blogger- Jenny Milchman

November 18, 2016

My Guest Blogger- Jenny Milchman An award-winning, critically acclaimed novelist from New York State, who lived for fourteen months on the road with her family on what Shelf Awareness called “the world’s longest book tour.” Part 1 Monday 21st November : ‘Happily Ever After & What Happened After That’ Jenny.....

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Guest Blog for Plumb Talk Women………”What Would You Rather Be”

November 13, 2016

I am thrilled to be Dr. Shelley Plumb’s Guest Blogger for the month of November. (@PlumbTalkWomen) My Blog Post :- “What would You Rather Be?”Happy Reading all. … What Would you Rather Be? By Miriam McGuirk Last week I dreamt I was at a crossroads. Pointing left stood a.....

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