World Book Day 2018 – A Blog in Honour of this special day

March 1, 2018

Books allow us to open windows to an exciting global world;

Tap into our imagination while learning.

Stay right here or time travel to anywhere. Through history, to the future;- immerse ourselves in someone else’s imagination.

Reading is a transformational and an educational pass time, powerful tools allowing inspiration.

We can affect changes we never thought were possible – ‘Oh but they are dear readers.’

Make a promise right now – find that great book- sit awhile, give yourself time to read.

Find the joy and lose yourself, open great big doors for you and children. Allow them to find the magical pleasure in books too.

For ten years, I promoted and developed a ‘Book Swap’ Through donations, I gifted books to libraries in junior schools. It encouraged the students (their teachers did too) to read daily.

And now I must get to the page to read more. Continue my journey to learn and grow my craft of writing for you dear readers.

Share a book you are reading. You may inspire someone to go to a bookstore today and help them become immersed in the wonderland of books

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