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Tupelo Honeybees by Elizabeth Doehring

May 24, 2018

A Must Read; This article is for everyone who cares about nature, health and wellbeing. Yes, it’s all about the ‘Tupelo Honeybee.’ Written with heart and passion by Elisabeth Doehring – Just as Van Morrison sings Tupelo Honey- Thank you, Elizabeth.   ‘Read More‘ for the link to the full.....

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Flying High – It’s The Swallow Season….(Audio by Miriam – Click More )

May 2, 2018

“Life ebbs and flows, it never stays the same Transient as many of us have come to know People appear with a wish to be your new ‘friend’  Then they leave, gone……forever.” A reminder to remain grateful to those who sweep in and out of our lives. “Sometimes people come into your.....

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