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June 8, 2018

On my return to the mountains – the Lavender season has already arrived.

I pick the narrow, spire-like flowers; arrange them with fresh rosemary into vases. The house is soon filled with a heady aroma of calm.

Lavender represents;

Love, Devotion, Purity and Loyalty.

The colour alone lifts my spirits; Lavender has many therapeutic uses and happens to be one of my favourite healing aromatic oils. Sometimes I simply pick a flower, rub it between my fingers; smell its intoxicating perfume and feel that sense of peace wash over me.

My neighbour dries the blooms in the sun; later fills tiny hand-made bags of muslin with the strongly fragrant buds.

At my desk when writing, I use lavender for calming thoughts and focus. At night a muslin bag rests, tucked under my pillow; allowing me a quality night’s sleep.

I am grateful for this slow transition into the summer season. The sweep of the landscape is awash with colour. Carpets of lush grass remind me of the Emerald Isle. In contrast, the yellow buttercups and crimson poppies sway in the warm breeze.

Surrounded by a surge of wild plants and herbs; they thrive and blossom with abandon.

These herbs and aromatic plants; used for thousands of years with natural healing and culinary uses too.

In mythology, each plant has a special significance. The history and folklore around these magical shrubs continue to fascinate me.

I use an organic mix of aromatherapy oils created by Ursula O’ Regan. Her rebalancing treatments of aromatherapy massage in Kent support and heal.

https://www.reflexologykent.com/aromatherapy/ )

Challenged with food intolerances since I was a child; in particular, wheat, dairy, the ‘onion and garlic’ family; herbs are an essential part of my daily diet. They enhance my cooking and baking, adding extra flavour and taste.

Herbs picked straight from my garden and their symbols are:

Mint: – for fresh tea and aids anxiety

Thyme: – Represents Courage

Oregano: –  Happiness and Joy

Rosemary: -Improves Memory and is often used in remembrance of those who have passed.

Sage: –       Symbolises Success

As we step into these carefree days of a rebirth and renewal; what better way to stay in flow than by growing and using your favourite herbs.

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