‘The Kiss of a Butterfly ( Audio by Miriam – Click more)

June 28, 2018

Ever since my little life began I dreamt of being a butterfly.

Flitting from flower to flower, free of the constraints of life and its challenges.

One sunny day my wish came true.

I danced my way into a fragrant pink rose.

A bumblebee appeared.

It’s time to find a companion to make your life complete.’ she said.

‘But my dear bumblebee, I fear that if I mate

I shall lose my magic, crumble, and die.

No more lightness of wing,

just a heap of dust for ants to eat.’

The bumblebee buzzed deep in thought.

‘But you have survived thus far. You can become a vintage butterfly,’ she said.

‘Teach others to survive; be the soulful kiss of a new birth.’

Thanks to the wisdom of the bumblebee I continue to live and help others through their life’s path with joy.

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