Doing What Works – Part 2 ( Audio by Miriam – Click More)

July 16, 2018

‘Sometimes we need to let go of the old ways to discover the new…’

What I have come to know.
When we have the precious gift of movement let’s use it daily with purpose.

Exercise: –
Yoga and Pilates

Helps us find that balance and focus to remain centred;

Listen to the Audio – here;

For me it’s early morning and before the sun sets. Gentle mindful walks in the mountains of south-west Turkey and in Kent too.

Time to soak up my surroundings, the sounds, smells, the air I breathe and how I feel as I walk.

The ‘Sea’ is my healing therapy. I lie on the stony beach, the lapping waves my music. Swimming…. a time for ‘Being’ in my infinity flotation tank. I focus on each stroke. When we exercise with purpose, the rewards are immeasurable, our bodies, mind and emotions, gain strength and confidence. We feel uplifted.

Work Hours 

Mornings, I like to get to the page to write with inspiration, armed with a timer. Crucial breaks; for me, every 45/50 minutes, where I sip green tea, stretch, step outside for short bursts of fresh air.

The Energy Thieves

Whether I am immersed in my writing cave or working on developing my brand, raising my profile; it is essential to engage with my followers. 

My windows to interact with my audience:





Disciplined in how I choose to use these platforms, I ensure they are not my ‘Energy Thieves’

When I write, I need a peaceful environment.

During my creative hours, my mobile and social media outlets are a strict ‘no-go’ area. 

On a roll, when I ignore that timer, I pay a hefty price.

On my noticeboard hangs a sign;

‘What can I and only I do right now that will move me forward in my work today’

From ‘Eat that Frog’ by Brian Tracy.

I carefully plan and time meetings and conference calls.

My work day finishes at 3 pm. At the point of resting, I remove myself from the office and laptop. My mobile remains on silent.

I surround myself:

With people who are positive, who serve me well as I do them. Those who motivate, inspire, raise my spirits and energy.

Noise, stimulation; mindless, endless chatter, TV, loud music, crowded areas, traffic, shops, lighting are my energy sappers.

‘When we tap into our power and choose a life that truly works for us, only then will our lives flow as they need to.’

Up next is Part 3‘Recharge and Sleeping Rituals.’ 

Doing What Works – Part 3 (Audio by Miriam-Click More)

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