The Ever Changing Sea –

September 13, 2018

Before the sun rises

there is not a sound,

only birds gently singing,

and a mill pond that hardly stirs.


Time to step into the arms of a

warm and comforting sea,

to submerge and feel

an uplifting energy.


Vibrations, moods, feelings,

allow me to reflect

why I am happiest

When I am near the sea.


Suddenly it lashes out

with the deadliest of sounds

waves crash loudly onto

white stones and sand.


Saltwater rises up

and washes over me 

changing to colours,

of blues and bright greens.


I am reminded of balance and harmony

forever drawn to its beauty

my ever-changing sea.


At night I lie in bed 

lapping waves call out as they reach

the sea shore;

soothing me to a peaceful slumber.

I am alive, I am free, filled with hope

Thank you for my ever-changing sea.

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