Eileen B Wiltcher – Guest Poet

November 2, 2018
I am delighted to introduce the truly gifted Eileen B Wiltcher – Poet and Published Author.
Prepare to be inspired as you read ‘Ocean’ and ‘Psalm of a Relic’
In Eileen’s words:- 

‘Poetry for me is an indescribable form of art that often arrives uninvited, refuses to go away until I give it a chance to become something and will likely drive me nuts trying to tame it.  I love it.’

OCEAN by Eileen B Wiltcher

Indifferent ocean with tassle tipped fingers

spume flecked blue runnels

teasing the sand

turning, retreating and ever misleading

forever beguiling the sea fevered man.

Indifferent ocean, lilting bewitchment

supinely outstretched, close friend of the moon,

men call you heartless

but you cannot help it, your nature is fickle

you do as you choose.

Indifferent ocean, men cannot tame you,

the sun’s own chameleon, the tempest’s buffoon,

the racing star’s brother, dog star’s companion,

the sailors above you all dance to your tune.

Indifferent ocean, how men have loved you

enthralled by your power, your cyclical pull,

when placid or angry they strive to work with you

the salt in their veins will ever run blue.


On it, beside it, the sea mesmerises me,

to live close to it is a long held dream.



This yearning for the sea, unbearable,

it seeps inside the driftwood of my bones,

washing the ribs that contain me.

I do not crave the sun but need

to lap the dampness of the spray,

to taste the salt, the welcome tangy air.

Let me still hear the gull’s harsh caw.

The roar of a shingle beach is calling me.

Leave me to meld with the green and the grey

under a cloudy rain soaked sky.

Now last, before the long voyage starts

let night’s first star shine down on me.


Whenever I am by a river or the sea and come across a

derelict boat I am so sad.  I know once they were treasured-

I feel every boat has a heart and should go out on it’s last


Contact Eileen via FaceBook; https://www.facebook.com/EileenBWiltcher/


Born in Plaistow, 1934, moving to Priory Road East Ham in 1937, Eileen loved the hustle and bustle of the community around her but war came and devastated the East End, so the family moved across the Thames to Welling, where she discovered the Library.  After the war Eileen was educated at Bexley Technical School and fell in love with drama and poetry.  Achieving her commercial training she found that most offices preferred her tea making to her 125 wpm shorthand.  Married in 1957 to Alan, she was offered the chance to write a Ladies Page in a popular Scootering Magazine which she did for a number of years.  Their two daughters Lisa Marie and Victoria Clare were born in 1963 and 69 after which they opened their first bookshop – working with teachers and children.  Last year Eileen published her first book “A Spanner in the Works” but confesses her first love is poetry

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  1. Jane Jones November 2, 2018 at 1:42 pm #

    A great pairing of poems Eileen, their dovetailing stories and images are perfectly lovely. Thank you and Thank you Miriam for inviting Eileen and sharing her poetry.

    • Christopher Pollard November 8, 2018 at 5:09 pm #

      Thank you for your comment, Jane. I will pass the mon to Eileen. Best Miriam

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