‘Make that Promise’ –  National Novel Writing Month – (Audio – Click More)

November 6, 2018

National Novel Writing Month –

Reading and writing are transformational in helping adults and children alike to tap into their imagination and education. An excellent opportunity to open the windows to a global world that is out there waiting for us to immerse ourselves in.

This month, this present moment could be the catalyst that changes you as you start to plan and write the novel you have talked about time and time again. Talking is cheap. Knowledge is a powerful gift we each can access. You can inspire yourself and others but only if you ‘Action’ what you know.

Grab this opportunity, let the pen flow.

Why not include the children in your life; give them the encouragement, excitement, imagination and motivation to allow them to write. But keep the

momentum and the goal to a pace that includes them, and it must be realistic.

Perhaps discuss a theme you can write together; make it a group activity. Plan to write one chapter a day. At the end of the day, read your work out loud and plan the next days’ writing.

Suggest to those little ones who cannot write yet, to draw or paint a picture. Later encourage them to recount the story as they see it.

The magic of writing and your dream of writing can and will come true. You are on your way to completing your first novel.

Let us encourage each other over November to learn more about language, people, feelings, culture, allowing us to communicate, engage through this format.

Writing, books and reading are the windows to a wonderful world. By allowing our imagination to develop we can and will change our lives and that of our children forever.

Long may I be able to encourage both myself and those around me to immerse ourselves in the world of reading, exploring and writing stories. And now I must get to the page to continue my journey of learning and developing my craft of writing and storytelling for you dear readers.

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