“The Conversation” Wednesday February 14th ( Audio Link – Click Read More)

February 9, 2018

Invited back by @DominicKingBBC  to “The Conversation” on The Drive Time Show @BBCRadioKent – 14th February. Chris Pollard joined me.
We discussed my UPLIT  novel and one of the characters – Florence Scott Thomas and a possible new working title ‘Second Chances’  How there is a thread of ‘second chances’ weaving through our lives and our ever developing new careers. Me as a Writer, Storyteller, Blogger and Speaker. Chris, a Communications Coach.  He chatted about one of his passions; speaking to young people in schools – 12-13 years olds.  The Importance of Learning a Second Language, the effect of Body language at interviews and Cultural language. How we can learn from the younger generation. The importance to respect and show courtesy to them and what they have to say is of equal value.

You can listen to The Conversation here:

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