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Miriam is a feisty, passionate Irish writer of fiction and creative writing with a fun sense of humour. An engaging storyteller with a powerful message.

She is a survivor with a warm personality that reaches out, shares and draws people in.

She is fun, motivational and her passion is infectious.

I write and speak from the heart – I touch people in a way they resonate with.

Join her as this adventure and journey continues…

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“The Conversation” Wednesday February 14th ( Audio Link – Click Read More)

February 9, 2018

Invited back by @DominicKingBBC  to “The Conversation” on The Drive Time Show @BBCRadioKent – 14th February. Chris Pollard joined me. We discussed my UPLIT  novel and one of the characters – Florence Scott Thomas and a possible new working title ‘Second Chances’  How there is a thread of ‘second chances’.....

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IWD 2018 – The First Lady Who Inspired Me…(Audio by Miriam)

March 8, 2018

The First Lady Who Inspired Me As I write I know organised Global Events are taking place in honour of this special day. Women in the world continue to affect a sea of change. Let us remember and be proud-We are at the core of every society. We are the.....

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