Words Mean Nothing without a Genuine Heart Behind Them…Written and recorded by Liz White

December 18, 2018

I’m in the business of PR and launched ‘Think Wild Media’ with my business partner, Jo Clark, just over a year ago.  The business is doing well and growing, however, I know a thought process that can inhibit many from embracing PR; backing away from PR professionals faster than water parts from oil paint – quite simply there is a negative PR stereotype – all spin and no waltz – but is that fair?


When it comes to PR many think of times of crisis when spin-doctors step in and try to disguise or divert your eyes away from the truth, or PR pundits who would really be best suited to becoming salespeople; they push a message so hard.

At Christmas time PR and marketing absorb all, and it is easy to see the spin.  Commerciality overshadows Christmas for months before the actual date and everything from teapots to party frocks suddenly have a sparkle to draw your eye to encourage you to part you with your pound. So it is easy to be cynical about the words businesses use at this time of year.

The reality of PR is positivity and communications, relationship building and truth.  The tools which will get you noticed. Humanising business and bringing real and worthy stories to public attention, of course, passion for the story is essential and PR starts with you.  Yes, you!  You are your best asset.

Get out there and tell people about what you do in an engaging and relaxed way – no sales pitches or clichés, avoid the danger of the ‘single story’ and break away from stereotypes. Find your own voice.

Some believe the louder they shout the more recognition they will gain but remember the Plato quote ‘empty vessels make the loudest sound’.  With this in mind, only approach press when you have a message that is strong.  Put out one good quality social media post rather than 3 watered down versions and be true to your own voice.

PR is an ever-changing beast, but one that is on your side when all else fails, so embrace PR with an open mind and leave your thoughts of a Coca-Cola Santa behind.

Liz White PR, Events and Speaking Engagements

Liz describes herself as a Swat: “I was a swat at school…and I am still one.  If there is a way to attain perfection in work I am there trying to achieve it. However, my rulebook nature has often collided with my childish sense of humour – give me a banana skin and a pair of roller skates and I will create my comedy heaven! This has meant that during my whole working life whilst striving for success I have had a lot of fun along the way of achieving it.”

From Liz’s first job in television, fresh from university, through to becoming the Deputy Executive Producer of an international opera and ballet company and then set up her own writing company, Liz’s work ethic has never changed – she always gives her best and her hard work usually pays off.

Owner and Editor of www.maidstone-magazine.co.uk
•    Liz set up her own writing company ‘White Word Media’ in 2013
•    In 2017 Liz set up ‘Think Wild Media’ with Co-Director and Co-Founder Josephine Clark.
‘Think Wild Media’ is a collaboration of minds as well as skill sets.  Co-Directors Josephine Clark and Liz White have come together at the right time to deliver a first-rate service – with over 30 years of experience between them in the TV, Theatre, Production, Press and PR sectors they know how to deliver.
When Liz is not working or devoting time to her family, she loves to kayak (badly) socialise (well), go to the theatre, decorate the house and appreciates a good live comedy line up.


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