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January 5, 2019

I pressed the ‘Pause Button’ on December 22nd. 

Away from my writing cave and laptop, I grabbed the opportunity to observe what was going on around me. With my pen and notebook never far away, I scribbled my thoughts.

Out there in the vast metropolis of creativity and business, there seemed a frenetic wave of must do’s along with pressure to set goals for the year ahead.

‘Must reflect on the past year,

Must build a strategy for this year

Must not miss out on my successes and achievements for 2019

So much to change

Must get fit, hit the gym, start yoga at dawn

Gotta do, gotta push,

Must keep up the pace until I see results.’

My question; Why?

What about allowing ourselves time to let go and refresh so we continue to develop and move forward?

As a Writer, Storyteller Blogger and Speaker, of course, it is necessary to ensure certain plans are already in place before the New Year begins. Outside of these dates, I make a conscious decision not to rush headlong into productivity. I want to feel the anticipation; the possibilities and opportunities I can implement into my creative world.

At the start of a new year, I allow myself to become comfortable about the days and months ahead. Only then can I visualise and record what is on my horizon of focus, purpose and growth. Most importantly I want to feel ready to action what is necessary to help me walk my path.

Let’s consider what it means to be authentically ME or You? Surely, how we live and work each day counts for something that is uniquely special to us.

There is an art to learning the skills of life and it takes time and patience.

While photos and posts of ‘Gotta Do’ – words like ‘resolutions and goals’ are bandied across social media platforms and in the media, it does not define who WE are.

We do not have to jump onto someone else’s bandwagon in order to achieve specific success and affect change within us.


Let’s not allow ourselves to be swayed by outside influences. We can walk our own path as long as we align our intentions and prepare to take real action We can and will reach that finish line and all will be well.

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